0,055 € kwh

Colectividades: Módulo compartido : 3500 euros por vivienda

A building of 32 apartments with 2 modules A1 WITH ACCOMMODATION SUPPLEMENT installed in the basement can attend all the power supply occupying a space of only 7 m2, with a unit investment per HOUSING of 3500 euros * and with a cost per Kwh consumed € 0.038

If the consumption of a family of 4 according to official statistics I.NE. That is 275 kWh / month, the two modules A1 are able to supply complementing accumulators to 32 families during a period of 28 years with a single replacement of electrodes every 14 years.

This allows to be autonomous energetic of the electrical network with a cost per kWh consumed inferior to 0.05 € including the maintenance without CO2 emissions nor to contaminate the environment.

* The price includes amortization and maintenance