This Is a power Iónic  generation system using connectable modules, provided within a plurality of  cells enriched TIPO REDOX® , which they use as electrolytes water and common salt or sea water which has been classified as a SOURCE of renewable energy by the EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE

THE POWER PLANT IÓNICA® with water circulation within its modules gets the production of stable electricity. How does THE POWER PLANT IÓNICA®. The principle is the same as an inexhaustible battery ... But 'with a detail not to be underestimated, this does not pollute ..Inside the generator module there are a plurality of aluminium anodes whose energy will be recovered by using the Faraday's laws.

But there are behaviors that significantly reduce the corrosion due to the polarization of the electrodes, dissolved oxygen, etc. ..THE POWER PLANT IÓNICA® with ENRICHED CELL TYPE REDOX® corrects and eliminates the polarization effectively making them an endless stack, provided that the maintenance program is maintained, and that is to supply the necessary little salt water..

The present technology enhances the kinetics closed within each module, with the restoration of all the ionic properties of the electrolyte, creating ideal conditions for the anodic and cathodic surfaces for the production process of constant electrical energy, and thus avoid the voltage drop produced by the deviations of the so-called conduct Tafel, which arises when the rate of reaction is controlled by a slower pace in the process sequence due to the concentration polarization on the surfaces of the cathode and anode, which in the actus reus are correct electrochemically.